Photo by Rendiansyah Nugroho on Unsplash

He gently brushed a few strains of hair out of her face and behind her ear, trying to hold onto the picture of her sleeping body. Their bodies exhausted but still radiating. A few candles were randomly placed in the small bedroom of her apartment. In the dim and flickering light he could see her body still glistering. His eyes followed her curves as he remembered every place he touched and kissed her. With a soft moan she repositioned herself against his side and he pressed her closer to him. The smell of their lovemaking still lingered. 

He let his head drop back onto the pillow again, a faint smile on his lips and sadness in his eyes. All these years they had been close friends. He had seen quite a few men come and go in that time. It always took a lot of him to remain close to her when she was dating someone. His initial crush had turned into a profound love, albeit unanswered. And after all these years of tension building up, today it all came together. 

Months of careful planning and preparation finally paid off. His climax was violent and vigorous, much more intense then he’d imagined. He hadn’t gone to sleep yet as there was still one problem to be solved. Something he had not thought off at all and he was feeling frustration clawing in his head. Making it harder to think.

She would be sedated for at least another four hours, his calculations were never off. And he had tested them before. Although the satisfaction was never enough, not nearly as special as tonight. It did help him prepare for this night. He couldn’t leave her, she had to know. Had to know it was him, that he was the only one that would be good enough for her. And after that, he had to make her disappear.