Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

The smell of coffee and freshly baked pancakes filled the small kitchen as Warren walked in. Even though it was still dark outside and the world was cold this winter morning, his entire universe existed within these four walls. There was a pleasant warmth coming from the stove as Maxine flipped the pancake with the utmost concentration. She didn’t notice him strolling into the kitchen. Warren took a moment to look at her. She wore slumped, knitted socks that carelessly draped around her ankles. Her long legs were bare and disappeared under the oversized flannel shirt she was wearing. His shirt. Her messy hair was tied together in a ponytail. The faint smell of her perfume welcomed him as he approached her quietly from behind, slowly wrapping his arms around her small waist. She was a little startled and her body got tense, but almost immediately relaxed as she eased into his embrace. He felt her buttocks pushing onto his groin teasingly.

‘Good morning lover.’ she whispered as she leant her head back onto his chest.

He kissed the top of her head as he tightened his grip. The heat they had created last night was still lingering between them. He closed his eyes and sighed. Never could he have imagined this to be his reality.

‘So damn lucky.’ The words came out as a breath.

‘Yes, I am.’ she replied as she turned around in his arms to face him. She placed her arms around him as well and placed her cheek on his heart. Her hand moved up to cup the side of his face. As she pushed herself onto her toes, her soft lips touched his. She gave him a kiss and nibbled on his bottom lip.

‘You know I can’t stay.’ she murmured.

His eyes widened and he wanted to break free, to let her go. But she held onto him, pulling them closer together again. He seized his resistance and reciprocated. Their bodies closely together he could feel her every curve. He knew she was right. His mind was racing to find words he could speak. Something to say that would change her mind, that would make her stop chasing this nightmare. But he realised that there was only one real option. He had to let her go.