Photo by Fabrice Nerfin on Unsplash

Her mind was racing down a dead-end street. The cold had settled in her body and made it numb. She did not feel the wind pulling on her. Trying to take her out of the misery that she had made her home. Deep within the essence of her being there slumbered a pain. Every now and then it would wake. And it would be hungry. At first it would leave little hints. An unexpected tear. A careless shiver. But the hunger would grow. The colours would become less vibrant and lose their shine. The little joys of everyday life would subtly fade away. To be replaced by a pressing feeling of guilt. Her heart would get heavy, almost unbearable to carry. Her stare empty. Where once the love was glowing that gave her meaning, now only an all consuming pain resided. Her tormented soul screamed for relieve, her eyes burning as there were no more tears to cry. She gently kissed the headstone and whispered.

‘I won’t let you slip away.’

The gunshot echoed through the early summer morning.