How does what I eat impact the way I feel? I asked myself this question a couple of years ago after a period of feeling low on energy, tired and unhealthy. As an experiment, I switched to a completely vegan diet for a couple of months. I was seriously surprised by what that did for my body and mind. I felt energetic throughout the entire day, waking up was easy and that feeling of lingering illness was gone.

Unfortunately, the rest of my family remained on a regular diet. So, in the end, the logistics of me eating vegan became a bit of a hassle and I have been aiming for a 70-80% vegan diet ever since. With decreasing success.

Recently that same question started circling in my head again. I fired up Google and used my Hyperfocus superpower to look for other ways to change my diet into something more healthy. And then I found Jimmy Joy. A Dutch company producing meal replacement shakes. Thankfully one of our bigger supermarkets carries a few flavors of their shakes, so I could easily try them for a bit. I was sold instantly. Easy to make, easy to drink and quite tasty. I make them with either almond, oat or soy drink so they pack a little over 400 kcal per meal. Plus all the nutrients I need. And it’s vegan. I’ll do a little write-up on the whole shake thing soon.

Obviously, my Hyperfocus was still going strong, as I started wondering not only about what I could eat to make me feel better. But also when I could eat. After doing a bit of research on the best times to eat, I came across something called Intermittent Fasting. Basically extended periods of not eating. But still making sure you get what you need in terms of nutrients. What I read sounded promising. Hence, I’m doing an experiment. By integrating the Plenny shakes from Jimmy Joy in an intermittent fasting schedule. The idea is to eat a regular dinner each day, lunches on Tuesday and Thursday and use the shakes to fill out the rest of my intake.

This is my week schedule:

  • 24-hour fasting
  • Monday: dinner, evening shake
  • Tuesday: morning shake, lunch, dinner
  • 20-hour fasting
  • Wednesday: lunch, dinner, evening shake
  • Thursday: morning shake, lunch, dinner
  • 24-hour fasting
  • Friday: dinner, evening shake
  • 16-hour fasting
  • Saturday: lunch shake, dinner
  • 16-hour fasting
  • Sunday: lunch shake, dinner

It looks like a schedule I should be able to keep. I’m looking forward to seeing and feeling the effects of this experiment in general. But I’m particularly interested if it will have an impact on my ADD. I will keep writing updates along the way. The first one coming soon as I’m almost done with the first week.

Blessings, peace out.

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