I’m Niels. A son, a husband and a father. And if you are reading this, that means you have found your way to my personal project: The Absent-Minded Father. So before I tell you a bit about the ‘what’ of the project, I feel I need to tell you a bit about the ‘why’ of the project.

My mind is of the type chaotic. To explain what that means to me, I have often used the following metaphor. Think back to the time when MTV still broadcasted music videos. These videos are often fast-cut, which means there are many short consecutive scenes (only a few seconds long). So picture yourself sitting roughly 15 centimeters in front of a 75″ flatscreen with a non-stop MTV video stream running without sound. But at 1.5 times the speed. And that will give you a bit of an idea on how my head works.

This constant stream is organic. Which means it’s constantly evolving and progressing. It takes its base imagery from everything that I see. But also resynthesizes images from that. For the most part, this movement is triggered by everything that happens around me. By any form of sensory input. And the associations are also pretty random at times, going from ‘A’ to ‘blue’ to ‘butterfly’ to a laugh to ‘Z’. As opposed to A, B, C… Z. You can imagine it gets pretty hectic at times.

So the ‘why’ of this project lies in the fact that I needed a place to journal all this. To document all that is going on inside my head, and outside it. Things that spark my interest, things that I like. Or just anything that I wan’t to talk about, share or just want to write down.

So ‘what’ is it then? Well it’s a website, this website, that acts as the central hub. A place where I publish my ramblings. There’s a few social channels that I use to spread the word and that other can use to get in touch. And there’s probably going to be more. But it all depends on where this experiment takes me.

So far thanks for your interest.

Blessings, peace out.

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